Volume 33, Number 5 • October 21, 2014

AD: Diocese of San Jose

Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Reconnect: Come As You Are
Posting Date: 10-21-2014
In an age of instant connections (Smart Phone, iPad, tablet, computers), a group of young Catholics came together the first weekend of October to strengthen their connection to God, the Catholic Church and each other. The Diocese of San Jose’s Youth and Young Adult Ministry held a three-day PureFire retreat at Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park for young adults. Young adults are classified as 18 (college) to 39. About 50 people, along with 10 leaders attended the retreat. [Click here for story]

Bishop McGrath delivers State of the Diocese remarks
Posting Date: 10-21-2014
Diocese of San Jose Bishop Patrick J. McGrath held his annual State of the Diocese talk during the Catholic Professional’s monthly breakfast at Three Flames Restaurant, San Jose on October 9. [Click here for story]

Faith Formation Conference is Priceless, Hugs are Free
Posting Date: 10-21-2014
I see more smiling, laughing and hugging at two days of Faith Formation Conference than I do for the whole rest of the year. Faith makes us authentically joyful... [Click here for story]

Official Assignments [10-21-14]
Posting Date: 10-21-2014

Bishop Patrick J. McGrath has made the following pastoral assignments, effective December 1, 2014... [Click here for story]

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News - In The Diocese
Official Assignments [10-21-14]

Reconnect: Come As You Are

Bishop McGrath delivers State of the Diocese remarks

Sections - Marriage & Family Life
Be in a ‘holy hurry’ to share Gospel, love others

Sections - Spanish News
“La Fe y la Esperanza en la Vida Eterna Fuentes de Nuestra Vida Cristiana”

Sections - Catholic Schools
Saint Francis National Merit semifinalists set record again

Bishop Daly helps celebrate Parish Day at Presentation High School

Cristo Rey Wins First Volleyball Game

Welcoming Mass for Cristo Rey High School

Saint Lawrence Academy Sports

News - In The Church
Daily recitation of rosary ‘key to world peace’

Newly named Chicago archbishop takes cues from pope: listen and nurture

News - Nation/World
Family synod midterm report stirs controversy among bishops

Sections - Commentary
Blessed are the Merciful, for Mercy Shall Be Theirs

News - Community
Dia de Los Muertos celebration set for Oct. 25 at Calvary Cemetery

On a Firm Foundation – Celebrating and Investing in our Community

Father John Farao describes his prison and exorcism ministries to the Santa Clara Serra Club

Detention Ministry [10-21-14]