Volume 33, Number 3 • September 23, 2014

AD: Diocese of San Jose

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Annual diocesan prayer service, recognition ceremony honors Catholic Scouting
Posting Date: 08-18-2009

Once a year the Diocese of San José recognizes Catholic youth and adults who have achieved religious awards through Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Boys and Girls and Boy Scouts.
This year’s recognition ceremony and prayer service was held March 29 at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph with Vicar General Msgr. Francis Cilia presiding.
Concelebrants were Father Paul Soukup, SJ and Father Victor Tran. Father Soukup serves as chaplain to the Catholic Committee on Scouting/Camp Fire; Father Tran is chaplain to Scout units associated with St. Patrick Parish.
Music was led by “Mass Hysteria” of St. Simon Parish. Youth receiving recognition and awards this year are:
Family of God Medal
Kelly Andreacchi, Christina Gluszczak, Christina Benefer, Sydney Bohn, Hailey Bruce, Jordyn Flora, Breanna Guidotti, Kylie Hughes, Hunter Miramontes, Pascha Oania-Hopkins, Ashlyn Plant, Savannah Powers, Payton Stauble and Talia Stauble – Holy Family Parish.
Abigail Allen – Holy Spirit Parish.
Cassidy Hunsinger and Angie Pavao – Queen of Apostles Parish.
Lily Mazzocco – St. Anthony Parish.
Annaliese Van Ark, Erica Conlan, Gretchen Hartzheim, Bridget Hartzheim, Julie Miller and Rebecca Turetzky – St. Christopher Parish.
Elizabeth Ciari, Madelyn Davis, Julia Dunkel, Elizabeth Grim, Mackenzy Jaques, Erin Kiuttu, Danielle Muscha and Emily Ricci – St. Lucy Parish.
Makaila Fritas, Amanda Moreno, Shelby Silva, Priscilla Castro, Briana Gallo, Alyssa Long and Isabelle Osuna – St. John Vianney Parish.
Genevieve Richards, Megan Ahern, Lindsey Cole, Taylor Cuen, Gabriella Escobar, Madeline Fujimoto, Isabella Granquist, Gabriella Limberis, Mandy Mitchell, Erin Mulhern, Sophie Pace and Camille Wardlaw – St. Martin of Tours Parish.
Bethany Pham and Therese Pham Nguyen – St. Patrick Parish.
Alexandra Attard, Sarah Bettendorf, Anna Bodo, Rachel Clark, Ailis Connor, Maia Dau, Andrea Delfino, Shannon Fairlee, Bailey Ghashghai, Annie Goulart, Mia Grizeli, Elizabeth Hong, Jessica Kain, Grace Karic, Ashley Maselli, Kalena Moreira, Stephanie Munday, Jessica Philpot, Natalie Robles, Emily Song, Tressa Stearns, Katie Sturtevant, Victoria Verceles, Megan Wilson, Danielle Yau and Lauren Ng – St. Simon Parish.
I Live My Faith Medal
Christina Connell, Claire Lane, Kaitlyn Ng, Kailey Stauble and Ember Rose Oania-Hopkins – Holy Family Parish.
Emily Allen – Holy Spirit Parish.
Riya Albert, Minivia Fernandes, Heidi Francis, Rachel Gaines, Lauren Lozano, Jalyn Ocampo, Haley Sousa, Alexis Toney, Frances Thurston and Amaya Zabalza – Queen of Apostles Parish.
Jenna Bettencourt, Jacqueline Burd, Josephine Canelo, Emily Cook and Clare Watson – St. Martin of Tours Parish.
Christine Nguyen, Vivian Nguyen and Phuong-Uyen Tran – St. Patrick Parish.
Elena Andrada, Elizabeth Cook, Deirdre Delumpa, Christina Dobbelaere, Natalie Erjavec, Emily Gremett, Juliet Henderson, Grace Hopkins, Paulina Robles, Halle Sousa, Megan Swearingen, Gabriela Wiborn, Madeleine Wright and Caroline Young – St. Simon Parish.
Marian Medal
Hannah Anderson, Carly Deale, Sarah Jones, Angel Mikl, Alaina Miller, Ashley Osborne, Kaitlin Reagan, Monica Sabatelli and Gabriella Schemmel – Queen of Apostles Parish.
Stephanie Chavoya, Emma Crawford, Madeline Galvin, Gianelle Kaliangara, Rachel Morrison, Kelsi Navalta and Abigail Parsons – St. John Vianney Parish.
Caitlin Brown, Marisa Kwiatkowski, Carla Medlin and Brooke Soares – St. Justin Parish.
Lynn Thy Huynh, Nancy Mai-Lan Le, Allison Mac, Angela Nguyen, Catherine Nguyen, Crystal Nguyen, Katie Nguyen, Monique Nguyen, Therese Anh-Thu Nguyen, Thi Nguyen, Truc-Quan Hong Nguyen, Amy Huong-Quynh Tran, Mary Huong-Quynh Tran, Thaidan Pham, Thainha Pham, Vy Thuy Pham, Vivian Lan-Vy Tran and Michelle Vo Truong – St. Patrick Parish.
Light of Christ Emblem
Javier Ascencio, Daniel Balboni, Gabriel Danaj, Joshua Danaj, John Dean, Justin Ebner, Jared Kavanagh, Jaison Miller, Sean Moore, Ciaran Moynihan, Paul Nicholson, Patrick Ward and Joshua Schultz – Holy Spirit Parish.
Justin Alemendral, Paul Bechu, Nathan Casey, Grant Cavan, Mani Narayanan and Matthew Staples – Queen of Apostles Parish.
Xavier Berger, Daniel Perkins and George Wurfer – Church of the Resurrection Parish.
Jacob Paulson – St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish.
Joshua Butler, Gregory Brown, Joseph Horowitz, Ryan O’Donnell and Alexander Van Ark – St. Christopher Parish.
Don Vu – St. Elizabeth Parish.
Michael Citrigno, Jonathan Glanville, Patrick Hurlston, Andrew Moore, Chase Paparotti, Victor Percival, Edward Stitt and Zachary Burpee – St. Frances of Cabrini Parish.
Joshua Macaraeg – St. John the Baptist Parish.
Nicholas Qian – St. Joseph of Cupertino Parish.
Jacob Alvarado, Christopher Clerkin and Rishabh Menezes – St. Lawrence the Martyr Parish.
Matthew DeKlotz, Stefan Larsen, Mason Leece, Michael Mikacich and Nolan Weger – St. Martin of Tours Parish.
Eric Le, Tony Le, Mike Nguyen, Joe Phan, Brian Trang, Matthew Minh-Huy Truong and Jackson Vo – St. Patrick Parish.
Edward Fontaine – St.
Thomas of Canterbury Parish.
Chase Kirkham – Diocese of Monterey, Christ Child Parish.
Parvuli Dei Emblem
Bennett Antes, Connor Fetter, Travis Friedrich, Jacob Michael, Joseph Michael, Brian O’Neil, Colin O’Neil, Joseph Renati, Ryan Sangster and Eliot Smullen – Holy Spirit Parish.
Peter Le – Our Lady of Peace Parish.
Christian Jones, Isaac Messer, Joshua Mollerus, Kavi Narayanan and Tharun Shiju – Queen of Apostles Parish.
Trevor Salom, Grant Klos, Matthew Nicolaysen-DeArmon, Kevin Liu and Clay Rosenthal – Sacred Heart Parish (Saratoga).
Cameron Houde – St. Anthony Parish.
Harrison Hill – St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish.
Sean Davis – St. Francis of Assisi Parish.
Pablito Ang, Jr. and Patrick Gloria – St. John the Baptist Parish.
Christopher Northgrave – St. John Vianney Parish.
Emilio Curiel – St. Joseph of Cupertino Parish.
Seth Howe – St. Joseph Parish (Mt. View).
Isaiah Torres – St. Julie Billiart Parish.
Francis Beck – St. Leo the Great Parish.
Christopher Brenton, Nicholas Hostetler, William Kaiser IV and Michael Rauch – St. Lucy Parish.
Andrew Yanogacio – St. Maria Goretti Parish.
Brendan Conaway – St. Martin of Tours Parish.
Brandon Hammer – St. Mary Parish (Gilroy).
Alexander Bakeis, James Bartolomei, Scott Baumel, Anthony Casaccia, Nicholas Kern, Conor MacLean, Connor McNay, Mark Montano, Kyle Muskat, Ryan Nazari, Cameron Olechowski, Pearson Randall, Evan Szilagyi and Jack Yallop – St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception.
Alton Nguyen, Anthony Nguyen, Andrew Minh-Hoa Nguyen, Anthony Thien-An Nguyen, David Minh-Quan Nguyen, Jonathan Pham, Aaron Hoai-Quoc Tran, Anthony Trieu, Patrick Trieu and Tri Vo – St. Patrick Parish.
Ad Altare Dei Emblem
Joshua Chavez – Most Holy Trinity Parish.
Joshua Valladares – Our Lady of Peace Parish.
Jim Huttlinger and Jordy Rehbock – Queen of Apostles Parish.
Emmitt Northgrave, Eric Chavoya, Robert Cortez, Andrew Ramirez, William Shump and Lucas Wedge – St. John Vianney Parish.
Matt Enright – St. Martin of Tours Parish.
Arthur Kalb, Andres Huang and Spencer Rodrigues – St. Joseph of Cupertino Parish.
Khoi Nguyen Bui – St. Patrick Parish.
Kevin Tran – St. Victor Parish.
Andrew Abiog – Santa Teresa Parish.
Pope Pius XII Emblem
Lukus Hosin and Robin Sylvan – Holy Family Parish.
P.J. Silva and Phillip Silva – Most Holy Trinity Parish.
Benjamin Henscheid – St. Joseph of Cupertino Parish.
Laurence Abiog – Santa Teresa Parish.
• Young adults who achieved their Scout organization’s highest youth award were recognized for their outstanding accomplishment:
Boy Scout Eagle Award
Daniel Lehman, Jr. – Holy Family Parish.
P.J. Silva and Phillip Silva – Most Holy Trinity Parish.
John Bujalski – Queen of Apostles Parish.
William Noack – St. Christopher Parish.
Erik Anderson, Brendan Hinz and Preston McPeak – St. Frances Cabrini Parish.
Alex Marcopulos – St. Joseph Parish (Mt. View).
Brian Qian – St. Joseph of Cupertino Parish.
Rafael Porras Falconio – St. Julie Billiart Parish.
Michael Anderson, Liam Dempsey, Nathan Fields, Nick Le, Stephen Meder and Todd Trevisan – St. Martin of Tours Parish.
The Pope Paul VI National Unit Recognition was presented to Cub Scout Pack 390, St. Martin of Tours Parish, and Boy Scout Troop 476, St. Joseph of Cupertino Parish. This recognition honors units of the Boy Scouts of America that provide a quality program which encompasses the religious, vocational, and educational aspects of Scouting under Catholic auspices.
The Bronze Pelican Award adult recognition was presented to Linda Franks of Holy Family Parish for her outstanding service and support to Catholic youth in Scouting programs.
The Catholic Committee on Scouting/Camp Fire (CCS/CF) for the Diocese of San José received the 2008 National Catholic Committee on Scouting Quality Diocese Award for its support to all Catholic Scouts within the diocese.
Monsignor Cilia (and Bishop McGrath) were presented with the Quality Diocese patch for their continued support of Catholic Scouting in the Diocese of San José. CCS/CF is a committee of the Office for Parish Services, Youth and Young Adult Ministry.
For information on Catholic Scouting programs contact Tiffany Strickland (Girl Scouts and Camp Fire) at (408) 287-4170 ext. 246, tstrickland@girls coutsnorcal.org or Ann Resch (Boy Scouts) at (408) 227-8587, a.resch@ att.net. Or, visit the Catholic Committee on Scouting/Camp Fire website at www.ccscf. homestead.com.
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